Al-Khelaifi plans to increase PSG income


PAris Saint-Germain’s ownership structure means the club won’t be in financial trouble anytime soon, but that’s not entirely achievable within the framework of Financial Fair Play, so Nasser Al-Khelaifi puts plans in place to increase the club’s revenue.

This will include the addition of 10,000 new seats and VIP areas, which will bring in significant sums for the club.

The cost of the project would be around 200 million euros, with PSG essentially planning to build a Cité des Sports in Paris.

fans love Princes Park which was built in the early 1970s, but the cramped nature of the town doesn’t necessarily help the club.

The Parisian stadium has a capacity of only 47,000 spectators, which is not worthy of a club which has Neymar, Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé in the starting XI.

Demand for tickets is high and the stadium is regularly full, with Champions League matches often seeing fans congregating outside the stadium in the dim hope of entering.

The dream was to have a stadium the size of Camp Nou or Santiago Bernabeu Stadiumbut the club’s options for expansion are extremely limited.

One option would be to move a little further north, where Stade de France is currently placed, but fans would riot if games were played there.

This idea was given no more thought, but an alternative was to build a metal structure in the shape of an inverted Eiffel Tower around the current stadium, capable of accommodating an additional 30,000 fans.

However, a building permit on the current site would be incredibly difficult to obtain, especially since relations between the Parisian government and PSG are not entirely cordial at this stage.

What will be done is a minimal expansion which would see the reception capacity of the Parc des Princes increased to 60,000, but above all the expansion of the VIP boxes would bring in a lot of money, especially given the attraction that club matches now perform on A-List of celebrities.


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