Sales, marketing or revenue management? – Who will lead the new sales team?


One of the biggest issues facing hotels today is the silos of sales, revenue management, and marketing. Historically evolved, these silos are not only impractical, but even hinder the sustainable growth of the hotel. The answer offered by many in the hospitality industry is the sales team that would combine sales, revenue management and marketing into one department. The big question will be who will lead this team and drive the evolution forward?

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HN’s Summit series aims to provide industry professionals with unique insights into current trends, developments and best practices in key areas such as revenue management, distribution, CRM and the new emerging technology stack. for hotels. Each episode brings together key decision makers and influential thinkers from across the industry, as we continue to drive the conversation forward by bringing people together and creating new ways to interact and connect. The conversations during each episode aim to be highly informative, non-commercial in nature, providing at least 2 valuable key takeaways for the audience. Click here to see the full schedule of upcoming episodes.

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