DC Subways will have $50 million in revenue from new solar panels covering parking lots with shade

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The Washington, D.C. Metro Area Transit Agency on Friday announced a deal worth up to $50 million over 25 years to install solar panels on top of buildings and parking structures in four metro bus stations.

Combined, Metro says the four sites will generate 12.8 megawatts of electrical capacity and make this “the largest community solar project in the National Capital Region and one of the largest in the country.”

It will also offer metro customers who park their cars in stations a new shaded car park and weather protection.

Under the agreement, SunPower Corp. will install solar photovoltaic panels on carports and canopies that shade surface lots and above parking garages. The four metro locations are: Anacostia, Cheverly, Naylor Road and Southern Avenue stations.

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Goldman Sachs Renewable Power will own the solar power system and provide annual payments to Metro through 2047, providing a long-term revenue stream that will support regional transit agency operations at no cost to Metro. , which is operated by the governments of DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

“This project benefits residents of our region, even those who do not use the metro, by leveraging the potential of our stations to generate revenue and increase community access to a clean, renewable source of energy” said Metro CEO Paul Wiedefeld. “This project advances the region’s sustainability goals while generating revenue to help keep Metro safe and affordable in an extremely tight fiscal environment.”

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When complete, the stations (located in DC and Prince George’s County, Maryland) will have 17 acres of photovoltaic solar panels – the equivalent of 13 football fields – and will generate enough electricity to power at least 1,500 single-family homes. Homes and businesses in the local PEPCO region will be able to subscribe to a share of the clean, renewable energy generated by the project while saving on their electricity bill.

The project is part of Metro’s sustainability initiatives and will help advance the Clean Energy DC plan which aims to halve carbon emissions and move to 100% renewable energy by 2032. Construction is expected to begin early next year.

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