Development Tracking and Management Services Framework: Scope of Project Management Services and Costs (accessible version)


Provide a wide range of project, cost management and investment advice in relation to site investment, disposal of land for development, construction, housing, regeneration, new build projects and renovation, including: –

Project management

1: Define project objectives and results with client and stakeholders.

2: Work with the client to establish the project governance, management and decision-making structure.

3: Assemble and coordinate project team, organize meetings and reporting structure.

4: Manage other consultants directly appointed by the client, as required.

5: Prepare life cycle cost studies.

6: Advise on the availability of financing and investments.

7: Advise on project insurance, guarantees and bonds.

8: Prepare tender and contract documents in conjunction with client and design team members.

9: Manage, advise, contribute, participate in the bidding process.

10: Provide a contract administration and management role at all stages of a project.

11: Configure and manage change control processes on a project.

12: Establish and manage project risk management processes to ensure risks are actively managed and mitigated

13: Review any development, strategy or program to ensure that the client’s objectives and financial targets are met.

14: Prepare, monitor and manage a project program.

15: Advise on programs of development, renovation and construction projects prepared by others.

16: Assist client in preparing evidence and reports necessary to obtain approvals for projects including approvals from MHCLG, Treasury, etc.,

17: Assist in the preparation of draft development briefs regarding individual sites / joint venture opportunities.

Cost management

1: Project cost estimates, cost plans and cost advice, reports and cost management information.

2: Preparation of costed options for development projects and programs.

3: Review and verify cost information prepared by others.

4: Research, collate, collate and report financial and other data to enable budget control of individual projects, programs and contracts.

5: Research, gather, collate and report financial and other data from market sources on a national, regional and local basis.

6: Prepare and assess all financial aspects of development appraisals, including capital expenditure and revenue effects, project cost calculations and cash flow projections.

7: Detailed review of financial cash flows to include sensitivity analysis to take into account variables, eg market and economic factors.

8: Review and report on development evaluations prepared by others.


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