Round Rock gives initial approval for $555.5 million budget and $0.342 tax rate


Round Rock City Council on Thursday passed a budget of $555.5 million and a tax rate of $0.342 per $100 of home assessment for the 2022-23 fiscal year.

The council will consider the budget and tax rate again in a second public hearing and final vote on September 8.

The owner of an average home worth $369,169 would pay about $1,263 next year under the proposed tax rate, an increase of $4.92 per month from the current rate, according to city ​​officials. However, they said, homeowners with homestead exemptions could see a decrease due to commercial and non-homesteads paying a greater share of property taxes.

The tax rate is higher than the rate without new income of $0.326. Officials said the additional 1.6 cents were needed to pay the final $21.7 million in obligations for a new library and for increased resources for public safety.

The budget will bring in 55 new positions, including 13 police officers, six firefighters, 18 new positions for recreation programs, two public safety mechanics and a caretaker, Morgan said.

The budget also includes improvements to the city’s trail system, completion of the Brushy Creek sewage system expansion and construction of a new fire hall. There are no increases to retail water, wastewater or stormwater rates in the new budget, according to city officials.

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Round Rock Chief Financial Officer Susan Morgan said the city based the budget on the city council’s six goals: a financially sound city with high-value services, infrastructure, tourism and residents, a livable community to live, an authentic and sustainable downtown neighborhoods.

Of the $555.5 million budget, $268 million will be allocated to community investment, $30 million to parks and recreation programs, tourism and the new library, $71 million to support police and fire departments and $34 million to water and sanitation services, Morgan said.

The general budget fund is expected to be around $143.7 million, she said.

The budget is expected to generate $108.7 million in sales tax revenue. The budget will generate more revenue from property taxes than last year’s budget of $1.45 million for projected revenue of $74.9 million, according to city documents.


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