Round Rock School District Passes Tax Rate of $1.0626 for 2022-23


The Round Rock School Board on Thursday approved by a 5-2 vote a tax rate of $1.0626 per $100 of assessment for the 2022-23 school year.

The tax rate is 6.54 cents lower than last year’s rate of $1.1336. The rate is higher than the district’s no-new-income rate of $0.8634, according to district documents.

Residents within the district boundaries with a home valued at $330.00 would see an increase in their bill of $106 per month. For a home worth $500,000, residents would see a bill of $5,313, an increase of $176 from last year, according to district documents.

With the new tax rate, officials said, the district will see an increase in total tax revenue due to increased property values ​​for a total of $3.9 million, an increase of approximately 25.5%.

“Our ability to set and approve a tax rate that is one of the lowest in our region is the result of the hard work and dedication of our finance team,” Superintendent Hadef Azaiez said in a press release. . “Our finance department strives to find opportunities that allow us to serve our taxpayers responsibly while providing the best possible resources to our students and staff. We commend them for their efforts and contributions in an area so critical to our success.

Hafedh Azaiez

The new tax rate is made up of a maintenance and operating rate of $0.8546 and $0.2080 that goes toward debt payment, said Dennis Covington, district chief financial officer. The M&O rate includes $0.05 in “gold cents, which are not subject to recovery by the state,” Covington said.

Azaiez said the “golden cents” are needed to pay for salary increases for teachers, staff and administration.

Trustee Danielle Weston and Mary Bone voted against the tax rate. Weston said she opposes the $0.8546 maintenance and operating rate, saying the district needs an efficiency audit on school spending and administration before it can vote on a tax increase.

“It would reveal that when people questioned what we set as a tax rate, we would be able to confidently vouch for whether it was necessary or not,” Weston said. “Until we have the results of an audit, I cannot support a tax increase.”

In response to Weston’s concerns, Covington said his department reviewed every line item in the budget and ended up eliminating $5 million in expenses.

“I don’t know what the audit would do,” Covington said. “I’ve never seen an audit do that. I can assure this council that the dollars we have for this budget year are an effective use of those dollars.”

After:Round Rock school board approves $518 million budget despite 2 trustees leaving

On June 16, the council passed a budget of $518 million. It includes $18.3 million to raise the salaries of teachers and librarians by 5% and those of other staff by at least 3%. The budget also includes raising the minimum wage in the district to $15 an hour.


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