The Council of Ministers approves the draft law on the management of non-tax revenue


The “non-tax revenue management bill” was approved during the plenary session of the Council of Ministers.

The bill was approved on the morning of July 8 at the meeting held at the Peace Palace. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Hun Sen, according to the Facebook post of Phay Siphan, spokesperson for the Royal Government of Cambodia.

The “Non-Tax Revenue Management Bill” is prepared in accordance with the applicable law, divided into 12 chapters and 101 articles. This law aims to manage non-tax revenue for the national budget in an effective, efficient, transparent, accountable and consistent manner by defining the legal framework, institutions, mechanisms, rules and procedures for managing the collection of non-tax revenue. . This aims to contribute to the best interests of the economic and social development of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

This law applies to all types of non-tax revenues implemented by ministries, institutions, public entities, assimilated to sub-national governments, public establishments, public companies and joint ventures in which the State holds a stake. public.

Non-tax revenues are very diverse and come from various sectors and activities under the responsibility of ministries, institutions and sub-national governments. The Non-Tax Revenue Management Bill will be a clear, comprehensive and comprehensive legal tool, updating provisions, principles, rules and procedures and adding some of the cited shortcomings.

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