Twitch is reducing the revenue share of top streamers


Twitch today announced that it is reducing the distribution of subscription revenue it offers to favorite streamers starting next year.

Twitch President Dan Clancy announced the change in a blog post today, saying the company offers a standard 50/50 revenue split for streamers, but has had a “premium” level of partnered streamer who would receive a 70/30 split. In place.

The platform stopped offering these premium deals over a year ago, as Clancy said the service realized it hadn’t been transparent about their existence, or consistent about to whom they would be offered.

For streamers already on these deals, Clancy said they will earn a 70/30 revenue split on the first $100,000 they earn each year starting June 1, 2023, and the standard 50 revenue split. /50 thereafter.

Clancy said 90% of streamers “on standard deals with premium subscription terms” don’t earn enough to see a difference in their salary.

Twitch has also used the drop in revenue to push streamers further into advertising, suggesting they opt into an advertising incentive program that pays them, say, $500 to run 4 minutes of ads per hour and stream for 40 hours per month.

“Our recent ad revenue share increase to 55% through the Ad Incentive Program is a great way for these big streamers to make up most, if not all, of that revenue,” Clancy said. .

Clancy also justified the change by talking about the cost of video streaming, saying that Amazon, parent of Twitch, charges external parties $1,000 for the equivalent of live streaming 200 hours of video to 100,000 concurrent users. in a month.


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